Breaking Stories on 30.07.2023

Breaking Stories on 30.07.2023 by Garfield D’Souza     Breaking Stories on 30.07.2023 The globe has warmed itself into a boil. People have died in a flood that draped its saree into a tunnel. A war somewhere in the West is wearing the sack cloth of the wheat it drowned into its pit. More than […]


Mushq-E-Hawas by Umesh Gautam Mushq-E-Hawas Naam ishq hai meraa tamaam ishq hai meraa merii kauvvat ko darakinaar karne vaalon lowṭkar phir aaoge anjaam ishq hai meraa yuun gamz kaa honaa laazamii hai vakt lagtaa hai ye khaamiyaan libaas hai meraa magar paak to tum bhii nahiin mushq-e-havas kii talaash men ho to mere vajuud se […]

Tapestry/ Telltale

A Collection by Carol D’Souza Tapestry Telltale Tapestry For some, history is only a cleaver  that makes mincemeat on repeat  Decidedly, less of the grand and  more of the deadbeat. Nevertheless, what is seen to survive is a cured  package of processed parcel to be  served salted and spiced in the flavour  favoured by the […]