Mushq-E-Hawas by Umesh Gautam


Naam ishq hai meraa

tamaam ishq hai meraa

merii kauvvat ko darakinaar karne vaalon

lowṭkar phir aaoge

anjaam ishq hai meraa

yuun gamz kaa honaa laazamii hai

vakt lagtaa hai

ye khaamiyaan libaas hai meraa

magar paak to tum bhii nahiin

mushq-e-havas kii talaash men ho

to mere vajuud se itnaa khauf kyun hai

vo mere bhiitar kaa hii rogan hai

yuun sharaafat se haasil na hogaa

naam ishq hai meraa

mujhe ab marnaa hogaa

 ye takht-o-taabuut tum hii rakho

kaam aaegaa us vakt

jab koii anjaam aaegaa

tumhen koii aakhirii khurmaa khilaaegaa

us vakt kaam aaegaa

koii majluum nahiin majbuut huun main

yuun dikhnaa dikhaanaa raste gujarnaa

kaam ishq hai meraa

naam ishq hai meraa

aur haan, ye charaage-mazaar bujhaate chalo

ye gaaafir khaamakhaan gasht detaa hai

mere kariib aataa hai

mujhe kaliim kahtaa hai

main khud se hii rowshan huun

tajammul aks hai meraa

naam ishq hai meraa

tamaam ishq hai meraa…

Mushq-E-Hawas/ Lust's essence translation

Love is my name, it’s true.
All-consuming love, I pursue.
Those who aimed to weaken me,
You’ll return, eventually.
Misunderstandings are obvious,
Time may seem to linger on.
These flaws are my attire, donned.
Yet, you’re not even pious,
In search of lust’s essence,
Why fear the depths within me?
It’s the elixir, my soul’s decree,
Pleasure won’t be earned with ease,
Love is my name, Let me die please.
Now, I must embrace my fate,
Hear the drumbeat’s growing rate.



Keep the shroud and coffin in your hand,
It will help you, trust me,
The future unfolds, we understand.
When the sequel will begin,
Someone will pass you, the sweet pain,
You will find this coffin again.
No victim am I; resilient, strong,
Appearances deceive; it’s wrong.
Walking on paths, like a corpse,
Love is my name, it’s my daily job.



Love is my name, enduring still,
And this tomb’s candle, let’s kill it.
This sin slayer agitates me greatly.
Draw near me, call me crippled
Oh listen!
I shine with my own brilliance,
Reflecting my image, no pretence.
A self-illuminating flame, an elegant trace,
Love is my name, a whispered grace…

Umesh Gautam is an impersonator taking a dig at the existence of love.