Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance Balancing on one leg with my hands outstretchedLike a clumsy cane in flightSteadying slowly I caress the delicate balance of the Nataraja Yogic poseIn my dreams, a unicorn ambling on the mountainside inspiredMe to the fluid rhythms of this numberWhich opens my arms to the spaciousness of the windAnd roots my […]


Ardhanari I was a child of eight,my frail handsreflectedin the old dirt-stained mirror;cuffed with glass bangles,my little body was wrappedin a bright red saree.I didn’t like this imagery.It was never in tandem with my own scenery.That was the year I was worshiped as the kunwari,the pre-pubescent nymphon the eighth day of Devi-puja. Years later,I sat […]

Khata – e – Ishq

Khata – e – Ishq Haqiqat ka kuch aisa afsana hai,pehchaan ab zulm ka bahana hai.Ek aisi dastaan iss jahan ko sunani hai,gaur karna, yeh mere sach ki kahani hai. Har mod pe aake mein atak gaya tha,jo rasta na chuna uspe bhatak gaya tha.Aaine mein jo nazar utha ke dekhi tohsaamne khada shakhs mujhe […]