Lord of the Dance

Balancing on one leg with my hands outstretched
Like a clumsy cane in flight
Steadying slowly I caress the delicate balance of the Nataraja Yogic pose
In my dreams, a unicorn ambling on the mountainside inspired
Me to the fluid rhythms of this number
Which opens my arms to the spaciousness of the wind
And roots my foot to the solidity of the ground
Its a dance maneuver of either the Gods or a graceful bird.

Deepa Kozhisseri

Deepa Kozhisseri is writing her first book on forest dwellers in the Western Ghats and their indigenous cosmologies in the Anthropocene. This is based on the field work she has done among the indigenous people who are honey gatherers and agropastoralists in Keralas Attappady Hills for her doctoral work. Her research and writing is on nature and society. She has earlier written for the print media for an international news agency, national newspaper and science and environment magazine. Deepa finds it fascinating to work with different with forms of writing. She blogs at kafkasspell.wordpress.com.